Lessons from Autumn Trees

We should be more like trees. At least in terms of self-care. I watch the leaves lose their greens, transform into yellows and oranges and pink and red. Then they fall. Why? What next? There will be less sunshine in the Winter. Why waste the energy trying to get energy from the sun? It is better to reserve the energy at the core, the body, the roots. The rest? The branches and twigs. Some can…


suicidal temporal relativity – why small acts matter

Reach Out. Check In. Save a Life.

According to one site, the horse-fly top speed is 145 kph (90 mph) – yes, really – but if we were that size, traveling at that speed, it would feel like 6,525 kph (4,054 mph). It would feel faster than supersonic flight. The experience of things depends on the context – size, place, and time. Time, for me, is especially interesting because of it’s relationship to suicidal thinking. One experimental research study with college students…