I want to find a therapist or doctor

Finding help can be challenging sometimes, but it’s worth it.  The right professional(s) can help you get through the hardest times, and grow into the healthiest, most fulfilled person you can be.

It’s a process, and it takes time, but it can help you find hope and happiness.

Wrestling with addiction

There are times when the enemy that we must confront comes in the form of a demon that was once seen as a friend. It’s easy to understand why someone might turn to alcohol, or to altering the intended use of prescription drugs, or using ‘street drugs.’ There are anxieties to soothe, social worlds to navigate, and hard times where someone just needs some way to make it through. Here I’ve urged seeking help through…


Getting help from therapy

Does talking about problems really help? Yes. Sometimes your quality of life might be lower because you tend to have strong emotional reactions, or maybe you take action without thinking carefully, or you are tend to spend a lot of time alone.  A therapist can suggest ways to control your emotions, or be calmer in stressful situations, or build a support network of trustworthy people.  If you’re at college or graduate school, then an on-campus Counseling…