Lessons from Autumn Trees

We should be more like trees. At least in terms of self-care.

I watch the leaves lose their greens, transform into yellows and oranges and pink and red. Then they fall. Why? What next?

There will be less sunshine in the Winter. Why waste the energy trying to get energy from the sun? It is better to reserve the energy at the core, the body, the roots. The rest? The branches and twigs. Some can be re-used, some will probably break off. To the onlooker the tree appears practically dead. It would be easy to give up on it.

The leaves they dropped – they cover the ground around the tree, helping to further insulate the roots against the coming cold. In the Spring, little creatures will eat the leaves and convert it into compost for the tree to use. It will return to life – though it was never really dead – and one of the first things it does is to flower and tell the world, “I am still alive. I am beautiful.” Others – insects like butterflies, bees, hummingbirds – will carry the essence of the trees elsewhere, helping other trees, their peers, to flourish as well. Then the tree will repair broken branches, restore the leaves that gather sun, and grow – actually grow – larger and stronger than it was before.

Post-traumatic growth. Nature does it year after year. Why can’t we?

When times are hard, protect your core self. Focus on what really matters. Make it through the bitter circumstances, all that life will throw at you. When you can recover, proudly know that you are alive and, if you choose to, you can share your inner strength and beauty with others. Whatever you share, know that you can repair the damages – though it might not look the same – and you can grow – actually grow – stronger than before.

  • b dc says:

    this is a beautiful description of life