The persistent life – next stage

As I wrote a year ago, Life sometimes gets in the way of projects and ideas and we need to have the persistence to keep going in spite of setbacks. I tried my best with the four student co-authors that I had last year but the project didn’t work out. I received one completed book module (on Eating Disorders), which was very well written and showed the potential for the project.

I went back to the drawing board and this year have three new student co-authors to pick up on depression, bipolar disorder, and severe anxiety. I increased the incentive, decreased the demands, and started in the summer instead of the Spring semester. Hopefully, we’ll have more success this time around. I also have pulled in ideas from other students and we’ll pull everything into the project.

I continue to believe that having books co-authored by students who have recent experience with getting through college while dealing with specific mental health challenges is a worthwhile project. I haven’t given up. I can’t. This is part of my life mission – that every suicidal college student recovers hope.