Peer Support – Part 5 – Opportunity

Community helpers matter

I have thus far presented a case that peer support could be considered a promising practice based on research, theory, and a solid historical background. The final step in this series is to present an argument for suicide prevention to invest in peer programs (sooner the better). Folks keep asking, “Why haven’t we made a dent in the suicide rate?” Some say that it’s because our interventions are not effective. Yet, we have studies that show…


Finding support among peers

It is often helpful to meet with others who have similar experiences.  In many cases peer help can be found through support groups.  Check out: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) – for people with depression or bipolar disorder National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – for people with a mental illness and their families collects information about support groups for people who have lived through a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Narcotics…


Suicide – not so fast.

If you would like to read what others have to say about some things to think about when you’re in a suicidal crisis, check out Suicide: Read This First. There’s no reason to do something drastic right away.  Why not take a few moments to listen to some other perspectives?  Some people have lived through a suicidal crisis and decided to share their stories with you. The wonderful sites Talking About Suicide, Live Through This, and…