Wrestling with addiction

There are times when the enemy that we must confront comes in the form of a demon that was once seen as a friend. It’s easy to understand why someone might turn to alcohol, or to altering the intended use of prescription drugs, or using ‘street drugs.’ There are anxieties to soothe, social worlds to navigate, and hard times where someone just needs some way to make it through. Here I’ve urged seeking help through self-care and education, peer support, and professional support. However, substances can be seen as a quick and readily available solution. I’ve no particular reason to judge – we’re looking for the same things – tolerating the pain and finding a way through to tomorrow.

Depressed man holding liquor bottle

Addiction Center – Binge Drinking

However, in addition to the effects that are sought, there are consequences that are unintended, unexpected, and potentially disastrous or deadly. So whether you choose to call them substance dependence, substance abuse, addictions, or dangerous habits… get some help, and learn to tame that enemy while gaining new methods for achieving what you were looking for in the first place.

I was recently contacted by Andrew, who conducts outreach on behalf of Addiction Center. It’s a very thorough web-based resource with information for both persons who are struggling with the relationship they’ve developed with a substance, and for those who might be worried about someone else. There are useful ways to find treatment and professional help that is as close to you as possible.

It doesn’t take long to click a link and take a look… you’re worth that time.